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Ambient & Atmospheres Soundset (Download) 39.89$

Ambient & Atmospheres Soundset for the Waldorf Microwave II / XT / XTk / PC Synthesizer Series

The Ambient & Atmospheres Soundset, containing 144 Single-Programs, has been created especially for the needs of electronic music producers who are working in the field of ambient music, electro, chill out, trance, experimental or film scoring. It was programmed by Christian Halten, who is also responsible for the atmospheric DEEP SPACE and OFF SPACE DVDs. This Soundset shows even more that the Microwave II / XT / XTk / PC range is useful for any kind of music in need of electronic sounds.

Load this Soundset into your Microwave II / XT / XTk / PC and let the machine turn into a fantastic tool for creating rich film soundtracks and ambient textures. Lots of extraordinary sound effects are also included. Join the living atmospheres and modulate all sounds dramatically in many ways like on no other synthesizer.
The Soundset utilizes all filter, Wavetable, arpeggio, effect and modulation capabilities of the Microwave to produce rich and complex sounds. You can modulate all programs immediately with keyboard controllers like Modwheel, Pitchbend and Aftertouch. Expand your Microwave II / XT / XTk / PC with a great variation of sounds and programs and get ready for the one thing Waldorf designed the Microwave II-Series for: Making Music!

The Ambient & Atmospheres Soundset contains the following files:

- Ambient&Atmospheres.mid (Soundset as Standard MIDI File)
- Ambient&Atmospheres.lib (Soundset as Sounddiver Library)
- Ambient&Atmospheres.pdf (Information about the Soundset as Adobe PDF)
- Readme.txt (This Text File with Information about the Soundset)
- Ambient&Atmospheres.jpg (Ambient & Atmospheres Artwork for Label Printing)
- Factory_2000_08.mid (Latest Factory Soundset for the Microwave II/XT as Standard MIDI File)
- Factory_2000_08.txt (Information about the Factory Soundset)


A001 Opening SKY
A002 Blade Runner SKY
A003 FutureSound SKY
A004 Dragon&Tiger SKY
A005 Saws of Moby SKY
A006 Polar Pad SKY
A007 TableWater SKY
A008 Air SKY
A009 CaptainFutureSKY
A010 Eiszeit SKY
A012 Duophon SKY
A013 MellowTone SKY
A014 ElectroBlade SKY
A015 MerlinArp SKY
A016 MotionBlur SKY
A017 AquaSun SKY
A018 Solaris SKY
A019 CloseEncount SKY
A020 BreathControlSKY
A021 EuropaD SKY
A022 Solar Winds SKY
A023 Earth View SKY
A024 SyncSphere SKY
A025 Timewheel SKY
A026 Matrix 21 SKY
A027 Nuvola SKY
A028 TablePad SKY
A029 idyllic SKY
A030 Talk ! SKY
A031 Robot Story SKY
A032 Wavetalk SKY
A033 MicroBugs SKY
A034 StarWarsTalk SKY
A035 AlienMeeting SKY
A036 Zion SKY
A037 AitinyJaNein SKY
A038 Vocophon SKY
A039 Back to 197o SKY
A040 Waveland SKY
A041 Sweetwater SKY
A042 WalkingArp SKY
A043 PenguinDance SKY
A044 Chilly Arp SKY
A045 Arp 2600 SKY
A046 Woodpecker SKY
A047 Glazzmaster SKY
A048 Time Machine SKY
A049 Metaluna SKY
A050 Outer Space SKY
A051 SlowMove SKY
A052 Calmar Dance SKY
A053 Saturn Rings SKY
A054 WaveSwell SKY
A055 Candy Chill SKY
A056 AlphaCentauriSKY
A057 Follow Me SKY
A058 Singing Glas SKY
A059 Crystable SKY
A060 Wavegate SKY
A062 Subway SKY
A063 Backwarts SKY
A064 Spock's back SKY
A065 Deep Groove SKY
A066 Busy Bee SKY
A067 OctaveSeq SKY
A068 Ben Hur SKY
A069 The Hunt SKY
A070 AsiaWheel SKY
A071 Loop Finder SKY
A072 Fat Oizo SKY
A073 DanceElement SKY
A074 ElectroBeat SKY
A075 Voodoo 2002 SKY
A076 Atmospherica SKY
A077 Glassroom SKY
A078 Futureland SKY
A079 Winter Tale SKY
A080 Shimmer SKY
A081 Tubularmare SKY
A082 Alpha1 SKY
A083 CaptainFutur2SKY
A084 ShapeShifter SKY
A085 EarthquakeBs SKY
A086 SuperSub SKY
A087 Manga Bass SKY
A088 Sub BD SKY
A089 Sub BD 2 SKY
A090 Sub BD 3 SKY
A092 E-HH 2 SKY
A093 Organic SKY
A094 Sacral2 SKY
A095 FloatOrgan SKY
A096 Cosmochurch SKY
A097 SoftElecTric SKY
A098 ElectricPNO SKY
A099 Long Release SKY
A100 Ambient MW SKY
A101 BlooMoon SKY
A102 Star Glider SKY
A103 Pipeline SKY
A104 Pulse Sync SKY
A105 Dark Pad SKY
A106 Chord Runner SKY
A107 Hovercraft SKY
A108 Suspense SKY
A109 RainySunday SKY
A110 Levitation SKY
A111 GhostTown SKY
A112 Polaris313 SKY
A113 Dark Shark SKY
A114 Home SKY
A115 Tangerine SKY
A116 Wavegold SKY
A117 Frankenstein SKY
A118 Tag am Meer SKY
A119 Strange SKY
A120 Sweep Me SKY
A121 UFO Landing SKY
A122 GhostTrain SKY
A123 LostInWaves SKY
A124 Strync SKY
A125 Kryptonite SKY
A126 ElectricText SKY
A127 Tron&MrRobot SKY
A128 FRQ Response SKY
B001 Syncronic SKY
B002 SupersoftArp SKY
B003 Elevator SKY
B005 Bad Filler SKY
B006 Chaser SKY
B007 OctaveSeq 2 SKY
B008 MerlinArp4 SKY
B009 UnderwaterSunSKY
B010 PluckerMagic SKY
B011 Spacecat SKY
B012 Pulser SKY
B013 Carpenter SKY
B014 Fly my Ship SKY
B015 MicroJet SKY
B016 SpaceNight SKY

Multi Programs

001 Electron SKY
002 Morning SKY
004 LordOfTheOrb SKY
005 Melancholie SKY
006 Ambient SKY
007 Eleganza SKY
008 Space Age SKY
009 Black Hole SKY
010 Floating SKY
011 Flyer SKY
012 Sunbeams SKY
013 Wavebeat SKY
014 Running SKY
015 Sweep Choir SKY
016 Arpeggiator SKY

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 November, 2005.